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Title Hydrogen sensor report on primary circuit regime
Status Accepted
Final type Lecture
Final session Industrial process design and control
Authors T., Moucha1, V., Linek2, A., Bouřa3, A., Žák4
1 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
2 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
3 Czech Technical University, Prague, Czechia
4 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
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Brief content Actual state of the functional sample of hydrogen concentration measurement is reported. Succesfull measurement in industrial environment has been realised. The data from Dukovany nuclear power plant primary circuit were collected in 64 days' period . The comparison with the data of a comercial measurement device showed good agreement, including successfull, temperature correction of the functional sample signal. It can be concluded that the functional sample has been verified in industrial environment and it is ready to be the reliable base for a prototype development.
ID 495