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Title Impact of crystallization conditions and filtration cake washing on the clustering of metformin hydrochloride crystals
Status Accepted
Final type Lecture
Final session Separation processes
Authors D., Martynek1, J., Němeček2, L., Ridvan3, J., Němeček4, M., Šoóš5
1 UCT Prague, Praha, Czechia
2 Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czechia
3 Zentiva, k.s., Prague, Czechia
4 Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czechia
5 University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Prague, Czechia
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Brief content The work is focused on the interplay of crystallization, filtration and drying and their influence on the formation of either individual crystals or crystals clumped together in agglomerates using metformin hydrochloride as the model material. The study is carried out by using insitu process analytical probes, optical analysis, measurement of hardness of tablet of crystals and the apparent hardness of solid bridges forming the agglomerates, as well as using CFD to obtain stresses occuring in the crystallization vessel.
ID 435