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Title Innovative Possibilities of Removal of Halogenated Pharmaceuticals and Dyes from Aqueous Solutions
Status Accepted
Final type Poster
Final session Environmental engineering
Authors B., Kamenická1, T., Weidlich2
1 University of Pardubice, Institute of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Pardubice, Czechia
2 University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemical Technology, UECHI, Pardubice, Czechia
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Brief content Problematic organic pollutants such as halogenated organic acids have been found not only in technological water streams produced by industry but even in natural water. These substances (e.g. drugs or dyes) are biologically active, persistent and bioaccumulative. Therefore, it is necessary to apply alternative methods for removal of halogenated organic compounds from contaminated water. The aim of this study is focused on adsorptive removal of anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs (Diclofenac and Flufenamic acid) or azo dye Mordant Blue 9 from water solutions using biochar. This contribution deals with innovative possibilities of biochar impregnation with commercially available ionic liquids such as benzalkonium chloride or Aliquat 336. We verified the effect of structure of ionic liquids or used impregnation techniques (ex situ and in situ) for biochar modification using above-mentioned ionic liquids on removal efficiency of contaminants. Achieved results show that co-action of biochar and tested ionic liquids (in situ impregnation) leads to an increase of biochar adsorption capacities. This work is also extended by adsorption study including adsorption kinetics and isotherms.
ID 387