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Title Recent advances in Hydrogen sensor development
Status Not decided yet
Type Lecture
Session Industrial process design and control
Authors T., Moucha1, V., Linek2, A., Bouřa3, T., Kracík4, T., Ludvikova5
1 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
2 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
3 Czech Technical University, Prague, Czechia
4 UCT Prague, Praha 6, Czechia
5 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
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Brief content Recent advances are reported in the development of hydrogen sensor, which begun at UCT Prague at 1990's and after several successful measurements in nuclear power plant was interrupted due to fateful events in the research team. We introduce here the results of contemporary work of the Mass transfer laboratory based on new technologies but using the experience from 1990's. Having at disposal modern functional sample to measure both oxygen and hydrogen concentrations we would like to cooperate with an industrial partner to finalize the development of prototypes and start the production of monitoring units.
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