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Title Modular microfluidic systems for efficient biosynthesis and separation of drugs
Status Not decided yet
Type Lecture
Session Bioengineering and biotechnology
Authors L., Vobecká1, A., Romanov2, A., Kasparová3, Z., Slouka4, M., Přibyl5
1 UCT Prague, Praha 6, Czechia
2 UCT Prague, Praha 6, Czechia
3 UCT Prague, Praha 6, Czechia
4 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
5 University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Praha 6, Czechia
Brief content We will report about the development of modular microfluidic devices for enzyme catalyzed syntheses of antibiotics (cephalexin) and optical active chemicals (mandelic acid). We show that the transfer of enzyme reactions typically realized in batch reactors to a continuous microflow arrangement is possible. We have experimentally demonstrated that the separation of reaction products can be provided in situ by using a properly chosen extraction medium. Membrane micromodules of different geometry have been developed to simplify the recyclation of free enzyme catalysts and the product separation using two liquid phases. The possibility of acceleration of product separation under imposed electric field has been successfully tested in a planar membrane micromodules. Our investigation also contains a chemical-engineering analysis of reaction-transport phenomena in particular microdevices supported by mathematical modeling.
ID 243