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Title Prediction of power consumption in mechanically agitated gas-liquid contactors in viscous batch
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Type Poster
Session Momentum, heat and mass transfer
Authors T., Kracík1, T., Moucha2, R., Petříček3
1 UCT Prague, Praha 6, Czechia
2 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
3 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
Brief content In mechanically agitated gas-liquid contactors design, transport characteristics such as volumetric mass transfer coefficients, power input, and gas hold-up often become the key parameters. The power input is usually used as the scale of energy dissipation for other characteristics. The goal of this work is to establish reliable power input correlations for industrial processes design, where the viscous batch is used. The experiments were carried out in two scales, pilot-plant and laboratory scale. Different types of impellers, as well as their different diameters, were used. The combinations of radially and axially pumping impellers on a common shaft were also examined. Energy consumption was measured in a multi-impeller vessel with different impeller frequencies and several gas flows. Correlation equations describing the behavior of individual impellers were evaluated. The correlations we suggested can be used for impeller power prediction in industrial-scale vessels under a wide range of operational conditions,
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