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Title Volumetric mass transfer coefficient in the gas-liquid contactor agitated by impellers of various diameters in non-coalescent batch
Status Not decided yet
Type Lecture
Session Momentum, heat and mass transfer
Authors T., Kracík1, T., Moucha2, R., Petříček3
1 UCT Prague, Praha 6, Czechia
2 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
3 UCT Prague, Prague, Czechia
Brief content Volumetric mass transfer coefficient (kLa), is the crucial transport characteristic in the design of mechanically agitated contactors. Prediction of kLa is mostly based on literature correlations. Our aim is to establish suitable kLa correlations for broad range of devices that would be based on the experimental data set. In our previous work, the correlation for kLa prediction in coalescent batch and non-coalescent viscous batch in mechanically agitated contactors were described and verified. Now, we aim at the description of one universal correlation that would be viable for mechanically agitated contactors in non-coalescent batch. The experiments were performed in multiple-impeller vessels in a laboratory and pilot-plant scale, which allowed scale-up studies. Several impeller types with different diameters and their combinations on a common shaft were used in the vessel, under various impeller tip speeds and gas rates. The measured transport characteristics were summarized into correlations. This correlation shape can be used to predict transport characteristics in industrial-scale vessels under a wide range of operational conditions.
ID 237