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Title Measuring chiral melting equilibrium in high-pressure systems: method development
Status Not decided yet
Type Lecture
Session Separation processes
Authors M., Kőrösi1, J., Béri2, E., Székely3
1 Budapest Universitiy of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary
2 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary
3 Budapest Universitiy of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary
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Brief content High-pressure melting experiments and the phenomenon of melting point depression under the pressure of certain gases can be used and exploited in the design of processes like carbon dioxide–involving polymer processing or certain micronization procedures. Diverse measurement methods have been developed to study melting equilibria in pure carbon dioxide atmospheres, but not too many methods are described to be capable of such measurement when an organic solvent is also present. In our study, a measurement method build around a high-pressure view-cell was developed and its applicability was demonstrated by the experimental determination of the chiral melting phase diagram of 3-chloromandelic acid at 16 MPa in the presence of carbon dioxide and acetonitrile. The major problem – the dissolution of the solid sample during pressurization – was solved by using a ball pivot to introduce the solid sample after the organic solvent and carbon dioxide composed a single phase system.
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