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Title Selection of adsorbents for separation of 1-phenylethanol/acetophenone mixture and their adsorption behavior
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Type Lecture
Session Separation processes
Authors M., Ostrihoňová1
1 Institute of chemical and environmental engineering, Faculty of chemical and food technology, Bratislava, Slovakia
Brief content The overall objective of our research was to investigate the use of hydrophobic adsorbents in the separation of 1-phenylethanol (1-PE) and acetophenone (AP) mixtures. Our research started with a group of 17 commercial hydrophobic adsorbents from two major world producers. In order to evaluate their capacities for 1-PE/AP and the selectivity, batch adsorption experiments were carried out using single-component and binary aqueous solutions, respectively. A broad range of concentration values and different ratios of l-PE and AP were used in these experiments to determine single-component and binary adsorption isotherms for selected adsorbents. Competitive Langmuir adsorption isotherm was used for description of all adsorption equilibrium data. We also investigated correlation between selectivity/maximal adsorbed amount and specific surface area of adsorbents.
ID 221