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Title Oxidation of higher thiols (C4-C12) with oxygen in the presence of heterogeneous copper-containing catalysts.
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Session Reaction engineering and catalysis
Authors I., Pletneva1, Y., Gavrilov2
1 Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow, Russia
2 Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow, Russia
Brief content The report presents the results of a study of the reaction of catalytic oxidation of thiols to disulfides, both in model media (individual hydrocarbons - heptane, toluene) and light fractions of oil refining processes (kerosene, diesel fuel). It was found that during the reaction under dynamic conditions (a displacement reactor with a fixed catalyst bed) at a speed of 20 h-1, almost complete oxidation of thiols (mercaptans) in a volume of kerosene of 12 m3 / kg of catalyst is observed. The residual content of mercaptan sulfur did not exceed 5-10 ppm with an initial content of 120 ppm. The basic kinetic laws of the oxidation of various thiols was determined. Using NMR and mass spectrometry, it was shown that the resulting products with almost 100% selectivity are disulfides. Developed catalysts may find application in oil deodorization processes and the synthesis of disulfides with different nature of the radical, which are valuable organic compounds.
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