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Title Thermodynamic possibilities of flue gas dry desulfurization, de-HCl, removal of mercury and zinc compounds in a system with Na2CO3, Ca(OH)2, sulfur and HBr addition
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Type Lecture
Session Separation processes
Authors T., Ružovič1
1 Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS, v.v.i., Prague 6, Czechia
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Brief content Thermodynamics of important chemical reactions and computed equilibrium concentrations of acid gases, mercury, Zn-compounds and solid phases/compounds in model flue gas are given, considering gas-solid reactions (de-HCl and desulfurization) and reactions of Hg/HgCl2 vapours and Zn-compounds, with soda and Ca(OH)2 in presence of acid gases, elemental sulfur and HBr .
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