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Title Plastic waste treatment by triboelectric separation
Status Accepted
Final type Lecture
Final session Environmental engineering
Authors L., Kolářová1, L., Konopka2, S., Jantač3, J., Kosek4
1 Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT, Praha, Czechia
2 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
3 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
4 Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT Prague, Prague 6, Czechia
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Brief content The presented contribution focuses on a simple and economical way of plastic waste separation based on different behavior of plastics in electric field. Such separation aims to increase the amount of recycled plastics and to reduce particular toxic air-pollutants from the incineration process. Our technique takes the advantage of the phenomenon that different plastic material gain different electrostatic charges by mechanical friction. In the lecture, we will report on the parametric study of the key variables in tribocharging (charging by friction), and discuss on the efficiency of electrostatic separation method within a context of recycling requirements.
ID 154