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Title Towards understanding of triboelectric charging of polymer powder
Status Accepted
Final type Lecture
Final session Momentum, heat and mass transfer
Authors S., Jantač1, J., Kučerová2, L., Konopka3, J., Kosek4
1 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
2 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
3 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
4 Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT Prague, Prague 6, Czechia
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Brief content I will not be available on May 20 (Monday) due to PhD defense in Prague (that explains my late submission of abstract and late registration). The contribution is about electrostatic charging of powders. Both particle-particle and particle-wall charging is measured and results are critically compared to available models and theories. Quality of measured data allows to draw quantitative conclusions about number of parameters playning a role in charging.
ID 153