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Title Redox Flow Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage
Status Accepted
Final type Lecture
Final session Environmental engineering
Authors J., Vrána1, J., Dundálek2, J., Charvát3, J., Mrlík4, J., Pocedič5, P., Mazúr6, J., Kosek7
1 NTC ZČU, Pilsen, Czechia
2 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
3 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
4 UCT , Prague 6, Czechia
5 NTC ZČU, Pilsen, Czechia
6 UCT, Prague 6, Czechia
7 Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT Prague, Prague 6, Czechia
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Brief content I will not be available on Monday May 20. The contribution tells the store about commercialization of redox flow batteries from laboratory up to start-up company and pilot-scale unit. Chemical enginnering issues will be illustrated (shunt currents, vanadium ion permeation through membrane, intensification of electric current density).
ID 152