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Title Safe and efficient stabilization of nanofluids
Status Accepted
Final type Poster
Final session Environmental engineering
Authors S., Wciślik1
1 Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, Poland
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Brief content Currently, transfer of new technologies makes it necessary to control different industrial processes with increased accuracy and possess broad knowledge to understand technical “know-how”. Heat transfer problems have become issues of major importance, both in practical applications, and also in research. That results from market demand for high performance equipment operating in a wide range of application environments. Not so long ago, water was the medium most frequently used in heat transfer. Liquids that have been most commonly used in heat transfer systems so far are water and ethylene glycol. However, due to relatively low thermal conductivity they posses, those do not ensure fast and effective heat transfer necessary in modern equipment. To improve heat transfer conditions, different additives to the base liquid are sought e.g. nanoadditives that creates nanofluids with really high thermal conductivity. On the other hand preparation of some kind of fluids can be really harmful for a laborant and require special equipment. The most important point of the paper is to show dependences between application goals and the ways of nanoliquid stabilizations. The way of waste treatment after utilize such products is also very important from waste management policy point of view.
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