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Title Mesophilic and thermophilic fermentation course analysis using sensor matrices
Status Accepted
Final type Poster
Final session WAS&BIO - Waste and biomass as sustainable energy and material sources
Authors E., Słupek1, K., Kucharska2, J., Gębicki3
1 Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland
2 Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland
3 Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Process Engineering and Chemical Technology, Gdańsk, Poland
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Brief content The aim of this work is to verify whether the sensor matrice, consisting of commercially available sensors, can be applied to analyse the gas mixture formed during fermentation. When mixed bacterial culture are used in fermentation, i.e. bacteria obtained from mixed activated wastewater sludge, hydrogen is generated in the initial stage of the process, however methane may occur in the final stage of the fermentation process. A multivariate data analysis strategy was used to develop the results. Principal component analysis was applied to determine causal and predictive relationships between the applied pre-treatment of lignocellulose mass and the obtained amount of hydrogen and methane with respect to the fermentation process conditions.
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